Memories of Recruitment Pasts

As recruitment week for Delta Sigma Pi draws nearer, I find it fitting to reflect upon my favorite memories. I have now completed six recruitment seasons, and as I go into my seventh, I am ready to make even more memories. Some of my favorite memories from recruitment include meeting the chapter, community service nights, and interviews.

“Meet the Chapter” is one of my favorite nights because the prospective members get to know you and you can really get to know them. It’s one of the first nights where we, as individuals, can express what Delta Sigma Pi means to us. It is also the time where our executive members and committee members can give a detailed breakdown to the prospective about what they do. I think this really helps current members appreciate how much these positions do for the chapter.

A second favorite is community service night. Community service has always been an important part of my life and is as important to Delta Sigma Pi. We do endless service events throughout the year, and as a past committee member I have enjoyed all of them. Highway cleanups, 5K runs, victim support packages, dog toys and so much more! This is something I looked for when I joined DSP and it is something I look forward to the prospective taking part in. I also find community service to be a great way for brothers to bond and comes together as a team.

The last memories I want to tell you is about interviews. While the word interview seems daunting, it is a way for us to spend some one on one time with the prospective. It allows us to learn that last bit of information needed; what they look for in an organization and to really get to know them outside of group settings. I remember my freshman year going through the interview and being nervous about what they would ask, reminding myself to not talk too quickly, but looking back I can see it’s that last push that they needed to see from me before becoming a member.

I hope that this walk down recruitment lane has brought back some great memories for our brothers and gets them even more excited for this awesome process. Recruitment is only a week or so away so it is time to get ready! I have always enjoyed getting to know my brothers better and meeting our new potential members throughout the week and I am sure this recruitment week will be just the same.