My Top 5 Memories in Delta Sigma Pi

As I finish up my senior year at Truman, it’s crazy to think that everything is coming to an end, especially my time in Delta Sigma Pi. I went out for Delta Sigma Pi recruitment during my first semester of my freshman year in 2015 and I can now safely say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I talked to brothers during my recruitment, I was telling them that I wanted friends in the school of business and people that could help me in my classes. Little did I know at the time, that I would receive so much out of this fraternity. I had no idea that I was joining an organization that would give me lifelong memories Looking back on my time in this chapter, here are my top five memories:

1. Attending LEAD in Dallas, Texas - During my first initiated semester of DSP, I attended the LEAD conference in Dallas, Texas. During this trip, we drove twelve hours together in a car that could have broken down at any moment. We had amazing conversations and created inside jokes that we still use today. When we arrived in Dallas, we met up with other chapters of DSP to learn more about the fraternity. At LEAD, I truly learned and understood how strong the Iota Nu chapter is and how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing group. I’ll never forget this weekend and all of the fun we had as a group.

2. Meeting My Best Friends - While I went into DSP recruitment hoping to meet friends, I never thought I would meet the friends who would be the ones I went to for advice or the friends who I would want to spend my entire weekend with. I remember going through recruitment and assuming that these brothers don’t actually spend time together and they are only at recruitment because they are required to be. The first day I pledged DSP, I instantly felt welcomed and accepted by the entire chapter. I quickly realized that this group of people are my friends and they would help me with anything. I made great friends in DSP through classes, working concession shifts together, and through all the brotherhood events.

3. Serving on the Executive Committee - One of the most important things I learned in DSP is that it is crucial to give back; whether it’s giving back to a brother, giving back to the community, or giving back to the chapter. During my time in Iota Nu, I had the opportunity to hold two positions on the executive committee. My junior year, I was elected Senior Vice President and I was so nervous to take on the responsibility of recruitment. However, with so much help from brothers, recruitment was a success and we were able to welcome approximately 30 new brothers into the fraternity. Looking back, I will always take pride in knowing that I positively impacted our chapter and helped welcome 30 new brothers into the fraternity that has given me so much.

4.The Big/Little Program - When I first joined DSP, I did not know there was a Big/Little Program. Within the first two weeks of my pledge season, I was paired with a girl who I had only met a few weeks prior and she was my “Big”. She quickly became a close friend who was there to help me whenever I needed it. She supported me, she encouraged me, and she helped me become a brother of the fraternity. Because I had such a great experience, I was eager to take my own little the next semester. I enjoyed the process so much, I took a second little the following semester. I loved being able to guide my Littles through the pledge process and help them become a brother.

5. Staying Connected Outside of School - My last memory is one that I 100% did not expect. I mentioned that I made some of my best friends in DSP, but I did not expect to make lifelong best friends in this organization. I remember going home for the summer during my freshman year and I just wanted to hang out with people from DSP. When the summer was over, I was so excited to go back to Kirksville and see everyone in the chapter. Throughout my years in DSP, I have gone to other brother’s weddings, met up with brothers for dinner, had brothers bring me snacks after I had my wisdom teeth removed, and had brothers come to my house to celebrate my engagement. I know that after I graduate, I will still stay connected with the friends I have made in my four years here and they will always be in my life.

There are so many other memories I have in DSP and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in this fraternity. I know my collegiate experience would not have been nearly as rewarding and fun without DSP. I hope that all prospective members or current brothers are able to have memories in DSP that last a lifetime.

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